Trails: 0 / 31 Lifts: 0 / 6

Our hill is now closed for the season. See you in December!


Trail Name Status
Collector Closed
Long John Closed
Veronica's Run Closed
Crest Run Closed
Bear Trap Closed
Mad Dog Closed
Exhibition Closed
Paradise Closed
Eager Beaver Closed
Hutchinson Hwy Closed
Thruway Closed
Cat's Meow Closed
The Pipe Closed
Glades Closed
Lazy Loop Closed
Old Tom Closed
Matt's Meadow Closed
Canyon Closed
Avalanche Closed
Southern Comfort Closed
Ups and Downs Closed
Red Tail Closed
Real's Run Closed
High Risk Closed
Free Fall Closed
Roller Coaster Closed
Ridge Run Closed
Boomer Closed
Tobogganing on Matt's Meadow 4.30 - 6:00 Closed


Lift Name Status
North Quad Closed
Founders Quad Closed
Magic Carpet Closed
Avalanche Double Closed
Au Chute Double Closed
South Triple Closed

Terrain Park

Trail Name Status
Andy's Playground Terrain Park Closed
True North X Course Closed